Solving Problems in Information Management: Spring 2013


Susan J. Winter


iSchool at Maryland


Spring 2013


Expertise – as the basis for your contribution to an organization, it is key to making your next career move; as a basis for credibility, it is core to your ability to develop and implement IT enabled solutions to business problems; as a basis for influence and power, it is central to your ability to be a leader. Becoming an expert in your area of specialization is foundational to your career progress and success.

Yet, it has been said that it takes 10 years of sustained effort to become an expert. Why? What is different about experts? Is it just a matter of knowing more or are there other ways that experts are different than novices? If so, what are the differences and how can you develop and document those capabilities?

A primary goal of Master of Information Management is to improve your understanding of what it takes to be an expert and facilitate your development as an expert in your area of specialization – and in doing so to accelerate your efforts to move toward your career goals.

The Capstone Experience (INFM 737) provides you with additional opportunities to develop different aspects of your expertise. Through a variety of readings, assignments, and activities you will learn about the nature of expertise (in general and in Information Management). You will also develop the knowledge and abilities you need to be an expert within a given industry and IM specialization.

Required Textbook:

No required textbook.

Link to Syllabus:

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