Digital Trends, Tools, and Debates: Summer 2014


Dorothea Salo


University of Wisconsin-Madison


Summer 2014


  • Broad awareness of digital technologies in use in libraries, archives, and other information agencies.
  • Vocabulary and knowledge of conventions needed to communicate with technical staff.
  • Ability to evaluate, plan and hire for, select, safely and securely work with digital technologies.
  • Awareness of the social and legal forces that impact digital technologies; controversies surrounding them; and the complex relationship between digital technologies and the future of information agencies.
  • Ability to contribute appreciably to a team working on a defined project; awareness of project-management tools and techniques.
  • Sufficient courage, self-awareness, and skill for self-sufficiency in acquiring technical knowledge.
  • Development of ethical and principled approaches to technology adoption and education.

Required Textbook:

No required textbook.

Link to Syllabus:

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