Digital Libraries: Summer 2012


Angela Ramnarine-Rieks


iSchool at Syracuse


Summer 2012


The course will examine matters including representation of information in digital libraries, existing and emerging mechanisms for retrieval, and the political and legal forces that may shape the digital library environment. Students will incorporate these lessons into a term-long project – the design of their own digital libraries.

This course will give students a thorough grounding for understanding, evaluating and working with a wide variety of digital libraries. This is a distance course with individual assignments that give students opportunities to investigate some of the specific issues surrounding digital libraries. Lectures, class exercises and discussions, short papers and a term-long project will provide experiences and learning opportunities for pursuing topics in greater depth and gaining proficiency in understanding and communicating technical and pragmatic issues surrounding digital libraries. Students will be provided with a format for designing their own digital libraries, using lessons learned in class readings, lectures and discussions. Students completing this course will possess their own project plan for a digital library that will be suitable for implementation either in other IST courses, or in their professional settings.

Required Textbook:

Reese, T. and Banerjee, K. 2007. Building Digital Libraries: A How-to-do-it Manual.

Link to Syllabus:


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