Materials for Young Adults






What is a “young adult”? What, then, is “young adult literature”? We will debate and discuss both questions, but there is one term that is sure to be mentioned often for both meanings of “young adult”: “change.” If nothing else, young adulthood is a time in which a person develops in new ways, and young adult literature itself has gone through great rising and falling waves. This class will take a unique approach to that theme of change by looking at YA literature through the eyes of the distinct and at times misaligned constituencies who judge it: publishers; reviewers; librarians; teachers; parents; and young adults themselves. In so doing we will acquaint ourselves with both classic and new young adult books, and thus students who are training to use books with teenagers will have a solid grounding in this ever-shape-shifting field. YALSA, the ALA division most relevant for this class, treats Young Adult books as written for readers ages 12-18, and that will be our guide.

Required Textbook:

Sutton, P. 2010. A Family of Readers..
Aronson. 2001. Exploding the Myth.

Link to Syllabus:


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