Information Architecture: Spring 2013


Jonathan Senchyne


University of Wisconsin-Madison


Spring 2013


This is a graduate course studying the relationship between form and content in the structure and transmission of information. We Will approach information architecture not only as a set of practices for web development and implementation, but also as a prompt to think about how and why information is structured as it is in print, digital, and other formats – at under different historical, social,and cultural conditions that shape information, its representation, and its users.Therefore, we will explore practical issues in web design such as coding, usability,navigation, and evaluation always with an eye toward situating these within the larger (and sometimes theoretical or historical) contexts of paratextuality, genre, accessibility, print/digital culture, and media history. The goal of our explorations of form and content in theory and practice is both basic skills in information architecture for and sophisticated graduate-level understanding of past, present, and future issues pertaining to information representation.

Required Textbook:

Petroski, H. 2000. The Book on the Bookshelf.
Mak, B. 2012. How the Page Matters.
Krug, S. 2005. Don’t Make Me Think, 2nd ed.
Jenkins, H., Ford, S., Greene, J. 2013. Spreadable Media: Creating Value and Meaning in a Networked Culture.

Link to Syllabus:

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