Reader’s Advisory Services: Summer 2012


Pauline Rothstein


Long Island University


Summer 2012


This course teaches both traditional reader’s advisory skills (neglected in the past decade with the emphasis on new technology) and the use of print and electronic reader’s advisory tools. The purpose of the course is to enhance the skills needed to match the book with the reader. The use and selection of multiple formats will be emphasized in addressing collection development skills for RA librarians. Databases such as Ebsco’s Novelist, social cataloging tools such as Goodreads and social media e.g., Facebook and Pinterest will be evaluated and used as part of a final project. The implications of E-Readers and Tablets for RA services will be part of the course. Speakers from the library and publishing world will visit the class. Students will be expected to visit a library or other RA site and to complete a final project incorporating skills learned in the course.

Required Textbook:

Saricks, J. G. 2005. Readers’ advisory service in the public library, 3rd ed.

Link to Syllabus:

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