Records Management: Spring 2013


William Saffady


Long Island University


Spring 2013


This course provides a survey of fundamental records management concepts and methods as they apply to the operating records maintained by businesses, government agencies, and other organizations. At the end of the course, you should understand:

  • The purpose of records management and its distinctive role in an organization’s information management activities.
  • The scope and content of a systematic records management program and the types of information management problems that records management can effectively address.
  • The relationship of records management to other information management activities and business operations, including computer systems analysis, librarianship, and archives.
  • The work steps required to prepare and implement retention schedules for operating records in a business, government agency, or other organization.
  • The characteristics of micrographics systems and their role in records management programs.
  • Methods of identifying and protecting an organization’s vital office records.
  • Basic filing system concepts and methods for office records.

Required Textbook:

Saffady, W. 2011. Records and Information Management: Fundamentals of Professional Practice, 2nd ed.

Link to Syllabus:

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