Advanced Cataloging: Fall 2013


Michael A. Chopey


University of Hawaii


Fall 2013


Building on cataloging principles and rules taught in LIS 605, LIS 606 introduces students to the rules, principles, and practices of authority control in library catalogs, reference structure, choice of access points in the bibliographic record, form of access points, MARC authority record construction, cataloging of various non-book formats including electronic formats, and cataloging of continuing resources. Continues (from 605) the study of Functional Requirements of Bibliographic Records (FRBR), descriptive cataloging using RDA (Resource Description & Access), MARC bibliographic format, Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH), and Library of Congress Classification (LCC).

Required Textbook:

Furrie, B. 2003. Understanding MARC bibliographic: machine-readable cataloging, 7th ed. Available online.
Library of Congress. 2003. Network Development and MARC Standards Office. Understanding MARC authority records: machine-readable cataloging. Available online.
OCLC bibliographic formats and standards. Available online.
MARC bibliographic format. Available online.
OCLC authorities userguide. Available online.

Link to Syllabus:

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