Young Voices in Times of War: Literature for Children and Young Adults: Spring 2009


Jan Kamiya


University of Hawaii


Spring 2009


During times of war, children and teens are forced to grow up more quickly than they would during times of peace. Many will have to make difficult choices and face adult issues. This course will focus on stories told through unique voices of children and young adults who happened to grow up while the world they knew around them was radically changing. When contemporary children and teens read about the impact war has on the fictional characters (especially those of similar ages) as well as true stories of people who grew up in the midst of war, they will inevitably from a literary relationship with and develop empathy for the characters they read about. By humanizing “the other” through reading, we can hope to instill in upcoming generations the importance of cultural understanding an the necessity of teaching peace in an increasingly globalized world.

Required Textbook:

See syllabus.

Link to Syllabus:

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