Introduction to Multimedia Technology & Resources: Fall 2006


Carol S.Y. Kellett


University of Hawaii


Fall 2006


Introduces the latest and specialized technologies for providing, managing, and designing
information services within a library environment. Provides basic experience in desktop
productivity software and web publishing, bibliographic database software, and qualitative and
quantitative data analysis.

Libraries are in the business of not only providing information resources and services to its users but to give them information literacy skills that extend beyond the walls of the library and university into everyday life. Librarians are the heart and soul of delivering these services to library users and must therefore be thoroughly familiar with the technology that resides “underneath” the delivery of information services.

Librarians catalog and index vast collections of materials, provide tools to find these materials (online catalog, tutorials, guides), and instruct library users on how to find information. Librarians must be able to read and synthesize vast amounts of information sources and materials and present them to library users in a manner that they understand – that the role and function of the library and librarian is to guide the library user in evaluating the creation of knowledge.

This course presents an overview of basic tools and techniques which are necessary in almost all library environments and for most MLISc classes. Topics include a general discussion of both graphical and character-based operating systems, the application of word processing, spreadsheets, and presentation software in information environments, internet applications such as email and web browsers, the creation of HTML documents within a unix operating system environment, and ongoing discussions on information technology and its use in libraries.

Required Textbook:

Miller, Steven J. 2011. Metadata for Digital Collections: A How-To-Do-Manual.

Link to Syllabus:

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