Information for Decision-Making: Fall 2009


Vedat G. Diker


iSchool at Maryland


Fall 2009


Many decision problems encountered in professional life can be modeled and solved by using a range of decision-making and problem-solving methods. There are different ways to group decision-making and problem-solving methods: hard vs. soft, single-criterion vs. multi-criteria, individual vs. group, deterministic vs. probabilistic. This course will introduce basic concepts in decision theory, and a variety of methods that can be used in individual and organizational decision-making and problem-solving. The course will also provide a “descriptive” perspective (in addition to the “normative” perspective) for identifying a variety of biases and errors in human decision-making.

Required Textbook:

Winston, W. L. 2004. Microsoft Excel Data Analysis and Business Modeling.


Winston, W. L. 2007. Microsoft Office Excel 2007 Data Analysis and Business Modeling.


Plous, S. 2007. The Psychology of Judgment and Decision Making.

Link to Syllabus:

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