Data Analytics for Information Professionals: Fall 2015


Yla Tausczik


iSchool at Maryland


Fall 2015


Advances in hardware and software technologies have led to a rapid increase in the amount of data collected, with no end in sight. Decision making in the coming decades will depend, to an ever greater extent, on extracting meaning and knowledge from all that data. In this class we focus on one branch of statistics, inferential statistics, to help us reason about data. By gathering datasets, formulating proper statistical analyses and executing these analyses, information professionals play a significant role in bridging the gap between raw data and decision making.

This course will introduce basic concepts in data analytics including study design, measure construction, data exploration, hypothesis testing, and statistical analysis. The course also provides an overview of commonly used data manipulation and analytic tools. Through homework assignments, projects, and in-class activities, you will practice working with these techniques and develop statistical reasoning skills.

Required Textbook:

Rice University. The Online Stats Book. Available online.

Link to Syllabus:

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