Library Research Skills: Spring 2015


Scott W. H. Young


Montana State University


Spring 2015


“Library Research Skills is a course focusing on both the concepts and skills needed to conduct library research with an emphasis on electronic information sources. The purpose of the course is to provide individuals with a basic understanding of the library research process and the skills by which they can successfully find information for research, presentations, and other class assignments.”

The general work of the course will be about locating and pushing the boundaries of information. We will ask broad questions about why information is important, what information is, and how we can use information to build knowledge. Our official goal is to develop the concepts and skills needed for academic research (a full list of “learning outcomes” is available at the end of this document that includes further detail). To help us accomplish this goal, we’ll be writing regular entries and engaging in discussion on our blogs, completing a few task-specific assignments, and synthesizing our thoughts and skills towards a final project. The class is structured to be a student-centered inquiry-based learning community. There will be weekly discussions online, 4 worksheets, and 2 self-evaluations throughout the term (more on this below). The final project for the course will be an annotated bibliography.

Required Textbook:

No required textbook.

Link to Syllabus:

Download Syllabus:

This syllabus was submitted by Young who gave permission for it to be uploaded to this site.


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