Information Professionals As Change Agents: Spring 2015


Brian Butler


iSchool at Maryland


Spring 2015


Information professionals work and live in environments that include technical infrastructures and systems, dynamic information resources, diverse populations with different culture backgrounds and psychological dispositions, and complex organizational and institutional structures. Faced with the daunting task of making sense of this, it is often tempting to take these environments as given – as rigid constraints that must be accounted for as we attempt to do our work.

However, thinking about organizations, institutions, and communities purely as constraining context overlooks a challenge that is central to the information profession – that of deploying information resources, services, and technologies in ways that change the organizations, institutions, and communities we are part of and make them better.

In education, business, non-profits, libraries, or government, information professionals are increasingly called upon to facilitate the reconceptualization and redesign of groups, teams, organizations, institutions, and communities. Whether as a leader, a consultant, an internal advisor, an active participant, or an affected stakeholder, you will be involved in efforts to change organizations.

Required Textbook:

There is no required textbook.

Link to Syllabus:

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