Seminar in Information for Decision-Making: Summer 2015


Hannah Bergman


iSchool at Maryland


Summer 2015


Many decision problems encountered in professional life can be modeled and solved by using a range of decision-making and problem-solving methods. There are different ways to group decision-making and problem-solving methods: hard vs. soft, single-criterion vs. multi-criteria, individual vs. group, deterministic vs. probabilistic. This course will introduce basic concepts in decision theory, and a variety of methods that can be used in individual and organizational decision-making and problem-solving. The course will also provide a “descriptive” perspective (in addition to the “normative” perspective) for identifying a variety of biases and errors in human decision-making.

Required Textbook:

Clemen, R. T. 1996. Making hard decisions : an introduction to decision analysis
Plous, S. 1993. The Psychology of Judgment and Decision Making

Link to Syllabus:


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