Transformational Information Technologies: Spring 2007


Doug Oard


iSchool at Maryland


Spring 2007


The times in which we live are seeing the greatest sustained rate of change in technology in all of human history. We need to learn how to think about this tectonic shift and its effect on individuals and society as a whole. This course will explore the ways in which information technologies evolve, and how technologies interact with social systems, ultimately leading us to frameworks for thinking about the coupled evolution of technology and society. We’ll start by looking at what people know about how to think about innovation. Then we’ll work through a series of case studies, starting with those rooted most deeply in the past — where we can learn a lot about what actually happened — and moving towards those rooted most deeply in our vision of the future — where we can explore the utility of our frameworks for thinking about innovation and social transformation.

Required Textbook:

No required textbook.

Link to Syllabus:

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