Systems Analysis and Design: Spring 2013


Ping Wang


iSchool at Maryland


Spring 2013


Contemporary information systems are extremely complex and varied. Consequently, developing effective and robust information systems call for a systematic analysis and planning effort on the part of system development teams. Systems analysis and design process spans the entirety of the information system lifecycle, which starts with the conception of the need for a specific information system and ends with the total replacement of the system with a next generation one. This course will introduce the systems analysis and design process in its entirety, and focus on each major step within the process. System analysis and design is still both an art and a science. The course will cover both the science and the art components by introducing essential tools that are used for systems analysis and design, and by offering perspectives that the students can transfer to team projects within the scope of the master’s programs and to real life projects they will venture as information professionals after graduation.

Required Textbook:

Miller, Steven J. 2011. Metadata for Digital Collections: A How-To-Do-Manual.

Hoffer, J.A., George, J.F., and Valacich, J.S. 2011. Modern Systems Analysis and Design, 6th ed.

Link to Syllabus:

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