Public Libraries And Advocacy: Spring 2014


Steve DelVecchio


University of Washington


Spring 2014


Public libraries provide a wide range of services and support those services with various of funding and governance models.

One thing that all public libraries have in common, especially in the United States where the funding is almost entirely both public and local, is the need for public library supporters and patrons to advocate for public library services and the resources needed to support those services. Unlike public schools and many other public services, public libraries are for the most part not mandated or supported fully in federal, state or local law.

We will explore public library advocacy by looking at the history, need and purpose of advocacy. We will also explore examples of advocacy efforts, as well as the structure, tools and techniques used to support those efforts. Underlying all of this we will keep in mind the need to fully understand the mission and role of the public library in the particular community it serves.

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