Rare Book Librarianship: Fall 2014


Lynn Ann Davis


University of Hawaii


Fall 2014


Rare book librarianship is an object-based discipline and relies upon keen observational skills, as well as historical knowledge. By carefully examining physical aspects of a book (paper, typography-printer, illustration, binding, provenance, etc.) you can understand aspects of its history in addition to the text. The UHM Library’s Rare Book collection will be the primary class resource for examining aspects of the printed book in the West from the 15th century through the 20th century. The fundamentals of defining and developing rare book collection policy will be considered as well as creating a place for rare book collections in today’s landscape of knowledge and information literacy.

Required Textbook:

Galbraith, S. K., Smith, G. D. 2012. Rare Book Librarianship: An Introduction and Guide.

Link to Syllabus: