Digital Curation: Spring 2014


Mél Hogan


University of Colorado Boulder


Spring 2014


This course focuses on the creation of a multimodal personal research archive and the theories of digital curation writ large that inform its production.

As researchers, our interest in the archive as a site of theoretical and pragmatic inquiry has been transformed by emergent media, and specifically, the new affordances of digitization in terms of access, storage, circulation and searchability. As such, both the ways in which we generate for the archive, and our reliance on what we can extract from it, have become increasingly important conceptual and methodological issues. Arguably, ontologies of the archive — which remain largely based on authenticity, rivalry, and the originality of artefacts and official records — are always challenged by new and emergent media.

See syllabus for a longer description.

Required Textbook:

No textbook required.

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