Field Studies in Archives, Records and Information Management: Fall 2014


Michael J. Kurtz


iSchool at Maryland


Fall 2014


This course provides students with an opportunity, through a supervised project, to understand the application of archival principles and techniques, first-hand in an institutional program setting. The focus is on a well-defined field project that constitutes a learning experience and also permits the student to contribute to the ongoing work of the host institution. Each student will select a project site and work with the site mentor and the instructor [as needed] to define the nature and scope of the specific project. The project should be designed to take approximately 120 hours, which may be completed in any time combination through the semester. The project must address one or more aspects of archival work-records management, appraisal, accessioning, arrangement, description, preservation, or reference. A project that addresses several aspects, such as accessioning a small collection and processing it to the point it is available to researchers is acceptable, but not the only option. Students may have the opportunity to explore, within the site setting, ways in which the institution is using technology to carry out its mission. All site projects must be approved by both the site mentor and the instructor.

Required Textbook:

Bastian, J. A., Weber, D. 2008. Archival Internships: A Guide for Faculty, Supervisors, and Students.

See syllabus.

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